Franklin Electric Effluent Pumps

Environmental PumpsIdeal for effluent pumping applications. Stainless steel or thermoplastic discharge and motor bracket are tough and non-corrosive. Both materials are highly resistant to damage by minerals, metals, and other substances typically found in water. Heavy duty, 300 V, 10 ft SJOOW motor leads. Ceramic bearing sleeve has time proven durability for years of reliable service. Hex rubber bearing has extra large surface assuring shaft stability and multiple flow channels keeping particles away from bearing surfaces. Proven hydraulic staging allows close tolerances and increased performance. Carbon phenolic upthrust washer prevents excessive wear in severe applications. Removable built in check valve on 10-20 gpm pumps. No built in check valves on high capacity pumps. Powered by a Franklin Electric submersible motor.; Filtered effluent service Aeration Ornamental fountains/waterfalls

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