PVC, Filters, Seals, Steel, Sub Cable, Fittings

Spears is a diversified manufacturer of valves, pressure fittings and specialty products including the following: Ball valves, lab valves , ball valve options, ball check valves, check valves, diaphragm valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, actuated valves, PVC Schedule 40 fittings, PVC schedule 80 fittings,, CPVC schedule 80 fittings, CPVC CTS fittings & valves, PVC & CPVC stainless steel reinforced fittings & adapters, PVCC & CPVC clam-on saddles, PVC manifold tee, PVC & CPVC tank adapters, irrigation hose fittings, PVC insert fittings, PVC heavy duty swing joints, PVC compact swing joints, PVC & CPVC threaded pipe nipples, PVC fabricated cut fittings, PVC customer fabricated manifolds, CPVC fire sprinkler fittings

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